Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This beautiful tree is in my youngest daughter's apartment. She chose to use red and green colors this year. Not only is it beautiful, it is almost completely decorated with ornaments and trims from estate sales and our Goodwill Outlet. We visit the Goodwill Outlet often, it's where everything is sold by the pound. You just load up your cart, push it on a scale and out the door you go!

Most of the ball ornaments were purchased from estate sales we went to for $2.00 a box. This one, however, was a "freebie" given out by an antique store with purchase. They wouldn't let us buy it, but fortunately, my daughter found a set of dishes she wanted so it went home with her.

It's a heavy ornament, made of glass and opens to a Christmas tree. It will be treasured for many years, not only because it's a beautiful ornament, but the memories that will come with.

Did you get a good look at the tree skirt? It was a goodwill find. We thought it was an afghan at first. Can you imagine someone donating this? Of course, it went right in our cart and has found a home. In bright red, white and green colors, how lucky was that?

Now for the crocheted tree topper, also a goodwill find. I thought it was probably used to cover a bottle and used as a decorative piece. My daughter had another idea and it became the tree topper.

I just wanted to mention that everywhere I shopped this year, I was told "Merry Christmas", not Happy Holiday and I very much appreciated that! It's the first time in several years that this has happened. I vowed a few years ago to not send Christmas cards unless Christmas was mentioned. No Season's Greetings or Happy Holiday cards from me.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!! And hoping you have the best New Year!


  1. It's a beautiful tree! Sounds like daughter takes after mom.

    I had to look back at my last comment ... to see whether I'd said Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas.

    Luckily I said both. Today is the 25th, so Merry, Merry Christmas!
    : )

  2. I love your daughter's tree!! What good finds to be found at the Goodwill store and estate sales. Our Goodwill store isn't pay by the pound or sack kind. Lucky ladies!


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