Sunday, February 2, 2014


It's another cold, snowy day here in St. Louis. A perfect day to pull out all those cookbooks and find the perfect comfort food recipe. Of course, the Joy of Cooking is a classic, known to most people who enjoy cooking. This one is dated 1971 and is by Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker. It contains over 4,300 recipes.

On a recent trip to Kansas City, I found 3 vintage cookbooks. There are great cookbooks being published now but many are more like coffee table books, full of large photos, not so many recipes. Not so with the vintage ones, they have page after page of tips on selecting, preparing, serving foods. Most recipes are basic and easy to make with ingredients you already have on hand. I have my mother's favorite recipe books and use them all the time. Maybe you will remember seeing or using a few of these.

The New McCall's CookBook by Mary Eckley. Dated 1973. Over 600 recipes.

The Redbook Cookbook by McCall's Publishing Company, dated 1971. It contains over 1000 recipes!

Larousse Treasury of Country Cooking. Contains French Provincial Recipes as well as recipes from 50 other countries by Vineyard Books. Dated 1975. Contains over 500 pages.

More information on these and other great cookbooks including The Settlement Cookbookcan be found in my etsy shop Antiques Galore Gal

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