Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We lost Bosco our other boxer last January. He was 10 years old and part of the family. We miss him, but have great memories. We love Boxers and finally decided it was time to have a new puppy. Boxers are affectionate, playful and of course, protective of the ones they love. Our boxer Webster is just 6 months old. He is loving his first snowfall. I just wanted to share this picture my daughter took of him playing in the snow.

Here is a picture of him soon after we got him. This was also taken by my daughter.

More pictures are on Instagram www.instagram.com/Webster_the_Boxer

To see Webster in action, you can visit his You Tube channel, www.youtube.com/WebsterTheBoxer


  1. Merry Christmas to Webster and his family !!!

    If I made New Years resolutions, one might be to post more on my blog. How about you?

    happy holidays,

  2. Yes, my intentions are good, but not enough time! I hope you are doing well.


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