Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Have you heard of Goodwill outlet stores? We have one that just opened up in May, 2011. Merchandise that does not sell in the regular Goodwill stores is shipped to the outlet and placed in huge bins. It's located along highway 40 just before you hit downtown St. Louis. It's last call for all these items, what doesn't sell is gotten rid of. We are living green by shopping there, right? At least that is what I told myself when I saw all the bins.

Shoppers have to sift through these to find their treasures, items are not sorted and barely organized. There are huge bins of books, records, dishes, clothes and misc. items. Items are sold by the pound, not by item. They roll the bins out to a waiting crowd every so often. You can hear the roar when a new bin comes out filled with fresh items. This photo is from google images.

Wanna see what I got????

Wonderful vintage children's blocks.

This wonderful old book cover...the book may have buried somewhere in one of the bins but I couldn't find it. I'm sure someone will be able to upcycle this into something fabulous!

A couple of books with date on the inside.

I can never turn my back on books with pictures on the front cover!

This one, The Ways Of God by Margaret Lenk is dated 1925.

The Charles Dickens' Christmas Stories book is dated 1936.

And there is more!!! A wonderful children's mystery book, Mystery In The Old Red Barn with original jacket cover dated 1952

Another Christmas book, The Reindeer Book by Aurelius Battaglia, this one for children dated 1965.

A Macrame' craft book from the 1970's. About time it came back again, right?

Paul Bunyan, The Giant Lumberjack dated 1941.

Last, but not least, this wonderful tin with a bird that looks like the bird of paradise flower.

All of these will eventually be in my Etsy shops, AntiquesGaloreGal or VintageTinsel. I think I may have to make this a weekly visit!


  1. Great finds! We don't have a Goodwill Outlet around here. I love the children's blocks and the children's books!!

  2. That sounds like a pretty fun place!! Great finds too.

  3. You really discovered some great treasures! I wish we had one of those Goodwill outlets near me. I found you through other blogs links, saw the title of your blog & was curious, I am also a vintage seller at Artfire. You have a great blog by the way!!


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