Saturday, August 27, 2011


Everyone that loves vintage knows and understands the thrill of the hunt. Going to sales and dragging home to clean or repair your new found treasures. Every now and then, something shows up unexpected that is a treasure all in it's own. In the previous post, I showed all my Goodwill purchases. I photographed them and listed them in my etsy shops . When I was listing this book, I noticed in the photograph a tiny corner of something sticking out. Look closely at the lower right side.

This beautiful little book, The Ways Of God is from the 1920's. When I opened it to the page of the paper sticking out I found this wonderful German die cut being used as a bookmark. Such an unexpected treasure! Beautiful soft graphics with a bible verse, Psalms 23, verse 1 written in German. "The Lord is my shepard, I shall not want".

Probably from the same decade as the book as it does show age with the tanning of the paper.

Do you ever find unexpected treasures inside books or boxes? Or hidden behind pictures in frames? Makes you think twice!


  1. What a beautiful find! In my antique desk I found the original receipt for the desk's purchase in 1920. That was fun. Or, one time I found a secret drawer in an old jewelry box and inside were six Eisenberg pins. Even better!

  2. The book and the die cut are both great finds!! I haven't had much luck finding unexpected treasures inside my finds. I'm still waiting to find a big wad of cash hidden behind a framed picture :)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. What a sweet, unexpected find! I really love when that happens, and it's happened to me several times. I found an old postcard in a book just recently. No money yet though....


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