Tuesday, May 14, 2013


How many of us remember a world before this throw away plastic world? A world where items were made of wood and meant to last a lifetime. Plastic has it's place in todays world. It's lightweight, cheaper and lot's of time very pretty. And yes, there are people that prefer it. I'm not one of them. I found this in a basement buried under piles of other items from the past. As soon as I saw this mid century mobile I knew it was coming home with me!

Okay, so it does have red plastic rings for small fingers to clasp and shake to make the jingle bells ring. I'm concentrating on the beautiful aged wood, colors and simple design. Even the cords holding it together are still intact.

Look at the strap, after 50+ years the buckles and springs are rusty but haven't broken. No push button adjustments here.

I admit, I'm old enough to remember these being used above a crib, on a stroller or a playpen (now called "pack and play" for younger readers) and will always be drawn to anything that reminds me of that time. Thankfully, if not thrown away, it will last forever for future generations to appreciate and love. Of course, with the rust, I would never allow a young child to play with it, but would be perfect for a vintage wall hanging in a child's room or even in an grown up child's craft room for a gentle reminder of the past.

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