Friday, May 10, 2013


After much soul searching, I have closed my shop in Kimmswick. I know I had big plans, I even posted about them here. Life changes, however, and I decided to move my business closer to home.

This chapter of my life closed when I finally took my sign down, on the very last moving day. My last day of business had been a couple weeks earlier, I couldn't take it down until I knew I wouldn't be back. It just didn't seem real.

I want to thank all the wonderful vendors I've had over the year, especially Kathy from Timeless. She had just painted and moved into her room when I made the decision to close. She was a little mad, a little sad, a lot tired, but overall very understanding and continues to cheer me on in my future endeavors. A great new friend!

A special thank you to Debbie and Dale from the Bunny Patch for being the best friends you could ever ask for. Debbie and I went to market several times together, some of the best times of my life! I could fill a book with all our stories, including driving home in the middle of the night from Chicago in an ice storm, driving home from Kansas City and realizing our merchandise was flying out the window! lol! Dale was always there to offer a hand when I needed something moved or the grass mowed. You don't find people like this very often!

This is a picture of the Bunny Patch during Strawberry Festival. I would stop in almost daily before driving home. Sadly, they have sold their business and will be closing in a few months as well.

As for the next chapter, I'm going to continue to sell from my booth at The Green Shag Market and my 2 Etsy shops, Antiques Galore Gal and Vintage Tinsel.

I can't forget all the customers I've meet over the years, I hope you can follow me to The Green Shag where I'll be spending a lot of time. I have some ideas for the future, but will wait until I'm sure before I post. So stayed tuned and thanks to all!

The Green Shag Market LLC
5733 Manchester Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 646-8687


  1. I know that this has been a heart and soul searching time for you. BUT I am looking forward to what God has in store for your future! May God bless your new ventures and guide you as you make your decisions!

  2. Thank you Miss Nifty Thrifty! Your support has been a great comfort to me!

  3. I"m sorry to hear this, I never made it that way with my sister but maybe we can still find your booth sometime. Changes are always hard to swallow at first but I'm sure things are going better for you or will be before long. You take care and keep on crafting! =]


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