Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The City of Kimmswick and the Friends of the Kimmswick Post Office are sponsoring 100 Days Of Shoes. The goal is to collect 100,000 pairs of shoes to donate to non profit organizations.

The official kick-off date is July 24th and will end October 28th. You can drop off your shoes at City Hall or any participating shops. These shops will have a sign posted that says they are a drop off site.

Kimmswick City Hall

Celebrity shoes will be auctioned to help cover the expenses for the shoe drive. Any funds remaining after the shoe drive is over will be used to help restore the Historic Kimmswick Post Office on Front Street in Kimmswick.

Here is a picture of the newly painted post office front.

And before it was painted.

More information on our historical post office and fund raising efforts.

For information on the 100 Days Of Shoes you can contact Michael Erbschloe at


  1. Very nice! Will be cool to see if any of the celebrities donate shoes!

  2. to misquote Ed Sullivan ... you're having a really big shoe! i bet it's a big success.

    your city hall and post office are SO cute.

  3. Wow, your town has real 'sole'. It is such a sweet looking town I wish our town had it. Sigh
    Hope you get ton's of shoes and those celeb's come thru.


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