Monday, May 30, 2011


Every year there is some flooding in Kimmswick. The town is like a pond, with the Mississippi river to the east, a creek to the south and hills east and west. Here are a few pictures I took.
Coming into town, the main road. The right side is usually a big field with the creek in the far background. The creek is normally behind the row of trees and cannot be seen from the road.

Same field from a different direction.

The other side of the road is where athletic fields are located, also under water.

One of the first places in town to take on water is the Visitor Center. You can see the pile of sand and the sand bags. The field beside the center is low and one of the first places in town to flood.

This is the back entrance to town, the one closest to the Mississippi River. There is an old bridge, no longer used right next to the new bridge. Normally, just a small creek.

Close up of bridge. To the left, you will see the road that normally goes under the railroad bridge to homes. This gives you an idea of how deep it is.

View from the bridge.

Once you cross the bridge you can see on your left the Aneuser Bush estate grounds. Once a summer home. It sits on the bluffs, you can see how high the river is behind the home.

The clouds you see are the way the sky has looked for weeks! Very little sunshine.


  1. My goodness!! So glad that you are safe and sound. I hope the antique store is too! Not sure how far away you are from the water.

  2. I'm about 2 short blocks from the second set of pictures with the railroad bridge.

  3. yesterday i wrote a big long cmoment for this post but couldn't get it to "take" ... I'm trying again.

    the level of water is astonishing! i hope it's at its peak ... and i'm glad you're safe.

  4. i wrote a comment, not a cmoment.

    i had to uncheck the "stay signed in" to Google ... i hope that was my only problem!

  5. Wow....that is un nerving the level of that water...what a spring across the land...hope that you remain safe. I found you through Etsy..I got a message that you added me to your circle. I stopped over and saw you had a blog..and thought I would pop over and say hello. Vintage is I have the bug, but not the $ to go with I choose wisely for what fits in our place.,,,do stop by and say hi sometimes....:)


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