Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love paper ephemera! I'm always on the look out for vintage books, cards, magazines, etc. while thrifting. I've had this 1966 Woman's Day magazine sitting around here for a long time. I decided to list it this morning. While writing the description, I glanced at the table of contents and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE noticed a feature on "Shaker Town", which is only a few minutes from where I grew up in central Kentucky.

Shaker Town is what we always called it and still do to this day. However, it is now Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. The restored Pleasant Hill will show you eamples of nineteenth-century construction, exhibits of Shaker life and customs, handcrafts, furniture. Always a simplicity and perfection that is not found in society today..

My grand parents would take the entire family to Shaker Town every Christmas for a simple meal lite by candles. Food was served family style, in bowls that were passed around. It was their Christmas gift to us. A treasured gift that will last a lifetime, as the memories are still with me today! Our family continues the tradition of going there at Christmas. I haven't made it back home for Christmas in a couple of years, but look forward to my next visit!

Isn't that why most of us in the antique/collectible world do what we do??? We hold on to the past in a way that others do not understand. A simple long lost picture or item can bring back a thousand memories! I guess it was meant to be that I found this wonderful magazine in someones attic! Gotta wonder if it was waiting just for me to find it?

Oh, by the way, Here is the magazine that I found this article in.


  1. I Love vintage mags! The old ads are a blast, but when you think about it the prices were not inexpensive compared to pay scale even back then.
    The old Women's Day, Family Circle, Better Homes and Garden, House Beuatiful.....are still relavant today and I like the $1 or less prices;)
    Both sides of my family were from Ky....Casey County and Northern Ky. So we always went for rides on weekends and would drive for hours siteseeing and stopping at different spots. Shakertown was a must.

  2. How fun to find something so "close to home" and "close to your heart" in an old magazine.

    Don't we wish mags were still 20 cents? I love quilt magazines but even the "cheap" ones are $6 or $7 dollars .... they're not an impulse buy with the groceries anymore.

    And you're right ... all the headlines above the lemon meringue are totally relevant!

  3. Ephemera is fun. I especially like the old ads.



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