Saturday, October 23, 2010


It's Saturday and that means it's time for SouthernLadyVintage's blog hop. Feel free to join in and vote on next week's theme. This week's theme is vintage linens, one of my favorite things! I found this linen at an estate sale. Too small to be a table cloth and bigger than most dish towels. It was hanging on the oven door for display which is a perfect place for it. It can also be used as a table topper.

Another favorite is this crocheted hankie. I love the colors and the attention to detail. Too pretty to use, but would look wonderful framed.

That's all for this week! See you next Saturday with another Vintage Love Saturday post!


  1. I was a little confused there for a minute....I knew I had just commented on the vintage hankie you posted and then I opened this post and thought it was deja vu :)
    More great vintage linen pieces!
    I followed your other blog and I'll sign up to follow here too.

  2. I love vintage linens, especially the colorful ones!

  3. These old linens always amaze me with the handwork that went into them, and the fact that they made to our day and time is especially sweet. ::Jill

  4. Don't you just love finding these vintage linens at sales! i am always on the look out for them!

  5. Thanks for sharing!
    Anne, of VintageAndSuch on etsy

  6. So much fancy-work ... I can't imagine using these for their original purposes. Who knows how many hours went into them .....

  7. Oh, Such pretty linens!
    Thanks so much for stopping by...I'm off to browse your lovely blog. :-)


  8. Wow, those are great finds! the Southern Belle hankie is beautiful. Is the flower and serving bowl a Bridgetable Cloth? It's neat.


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