Saturday, December 4, 2010


This week SouthernLadyVintage's blog is offering a marketplace to showcase one of your items. Feel free to link up, details are on her blog. I wanted to share this potholder/hotpad. It is in great vintage condition.

It would be perfect for retro decor, or frame and use as wall art. Here is a close up of the flower.

Most potholders are not double sided like this one.

The back looks just as nice as the front does.

You can find more information in my AntiquesGaloreGal Etsy shop.


  1. Yellow is one of my favorite colors! I can see this in a little girls room, hanging one a peg or frames.

  2. Very cute!! Thanks again for always being so supportive and joining in each week!

  3. Sweet!!!!! I can't imagine doing all that crocheting with such fine thread and then putting a sloppy hot dish on it ... I love the colors.

  4. this is so SWEET...and right up my alley. What a lovely little potholder. The ones I have at my Etsy shop are also double sided...lovely....
    and dainty this is...


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