Saturday, September 18, 2010


This week Southern Ladys Vintage is again hosting Saturday Vintage Love with a Farmhouse Theme. I spent much of my childhood with one grandmother who lived in the country. I think what I remember most were the big family meals and watching her cook. I found a few items that would definitely be found in a farm kitchen! First a wooden recipe box with a metal rooster on the front of it. Made in Japan and perfect for any farm kitchen!

And what farm house would be with a nice wooden spoon to stir all those pots of soups and stews?

Let's not forget about all those pies to be baked in the aluminum pie pans!

Many thanks to SouthernLadysVintage for hosting this blog hop again. Check out all the other links that are posted on her blog.


  1. Great items!!! Thank you so much for always supporting Vintage Love Saturday! You always have such great stuff to contribute!

  2. What great Farmhouse kitchen stuff! Love the recipe box.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. oooh!! my whole kitchen is dnone in roosters!!! so you KNOW I love that recipe box!!!

  4. Nice picks and nice pics! It's sad that so few young kids have memories of grandparents' farms these days .... we are lucky!!

  5. Hi!
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  6. I love to reminisce of days gone by, and feel like ThreeOldKeys, sad because the young people today don't get to experience it much these days.


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