Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm celerating my second Rednesday with the Sue Loves Cherries Blog If you love red you have to visit her blog and check out all the red items. Thanks for the opportunity to join in! I'm sharing these adorable red cherry and strawberry sewing appliques. These are perfect for any sewing or crafting project you may have. When my kids were little, I would embellish all their clothing with cute appliques to personalize them. It's so easy to add them to your kitchen potholders or dish towels as well. Fun and inexpensive.

Another way to dress up an item is with a pretty cloth red ribbon. You can add it as a border for clothing or household items!


  1. These appliques could be used in so many ways. I never was big into sewing. Cooking was my thing, but I do very little of that now. It is hard to cook for just one.

  2. I love appliques, and the possibilities are endless in what you can do with them! That ribbon is really cute, and I think it would look adorable on a kitchen towel or a little girl's dress!
    Happy REDnesday!

  3. when i was little my grandmother used to put cute litte appliques on the dresses she made for me. when i was a teen we used to put patches all over our jeans. thanks for sparking some nostalgia with your post!

  4. Love the idea of the applique. Really cute. Glad you came to join the Reds Party again!

  5. Love embellishing! I love creating my wn more than anything. Hey don't forget to stop by my blog and leave a comment..if ya haven't yet...
    for my little giveaway!


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