Friday, August 27, 2010


My good friend SouthernLadysVintage is Sharing The Love on her blog. This week's theme is vintage cookbooks. She hopes to make this an ongoing blog hop each Saturday to offer an opportunity for people who love vintage to be able to share and network with one another. Please visit her blog by clicking here for details!
This is a true treasure, an Electric Refrigerator recipe book dated 1927 and prepared by General Electric. In good vintage condition. There are 144 pages of recipes and tips.
An advertisement from General Electric has been glued inside the front cover.

Graphics are endearing.

Another favorite of mine is this one for Sunday dinners. I remember as a child sitting in church, and one by one, the women would make a graceful exit to go home and get the Sunday dinner on the table. This is a really neat cookbook, dated 1969. Author is Phyllis S. Prokop. Contains menus for Sunday dinners complete with fix ahead instructions and recipes. Recipes are for the average size family of 4-6 people. Also contains a chapter on how to conquer pie crusts.

And what better way to end a meal than with an dessert from this Elegant Desserts cookbook? 220 delicious elegant dessert in the vintage Culinary Arts Institute cookbook. Dated 1954. This paper cookbook has over 60 pages loaded with recipes sure to please.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your cookbook! I have to agree! Love the graphics!

  2. Great post! Please visit my cookbook post at: too. ♥

  3. Great group of cookbooks. Love the Culinary Arts books they did a whole series of those.

  4. Cookbooks are such nostalgic things, aren't they? My mother still has her 1st copy of the Tasajara Bread Book from which she used to bake the healthy whole wheat bread I ate as a kid. Just looking at that book in her kitchen transports me to my 70's childhood. A few years ago I found a newer copy of it at a flea market and gave it to her for Mother's Day.

    - Rachael Brooke


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