Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Another great way to repurpose an item. The idea is to find a new and unusual way to reuse vintage without changing the item self. This 6" art nouveau floral frog from KTiques on Etsy is a perfect example of repurposing an item and still retaining it's orginal condition. This is Miyata Ware, made in Japan circa 1920-1930's.

There are five holes on the top of the frog that can be used to display or store paintbrushes, pens, pencils, whimsical birthday wands, lollipops, and chopsticks. Just use your imagination!

Who could pass up an adorable planter like this from Southern Lady's Vintage
The perfect accent piece to hold your makeup brushes on your vanity. Another example of how to reuse a beautiful vintage piece without altering it.

More information on this planter can be found in Southern Lady's Vintage Etsy shop
Pictures used with permission from KTiques and Southern Lady's Vintage


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