Monday, April 26, 2010


I've had my Trinkets And Treasures website for almost 3 years. It's been quite the experience as I knew nothing about computers other than opening my e-mail. My children had to show me how to do that! HTML was just a 4-letter word with no meaning. It took me 3 months to set the site up with a lot of help.

When I decided to start an ETSY shop, the name Trinkets And Treasures was taken and so was Antiques Galore, which is the name of my retail business. I don't know how the name Antiques Galore Gal came to be, but that is what I finally decided on for my etsy shop. Luckily that domain was also available and at that time I made the decision to change my website and retail name as well. Branding seems like a good idea.

I'll continue to sell candles, hips n' stixs, refresher oils and the array of vintage items as always, just with a new name. Look for the opening in a couple weeks!

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