Friday, April 16, 2010


Do you love kitsch? It's hard for me to pass it by. An item that is probably so ugly that it is cute! Or just funny and hard to describe. Giving a definition of kitsch is easier by showing it to you. I recently found this picture of a bunny and chick. It is bold, has a blue rabbit with a surprised look on it's face and a baby chicken hatching from an egg. All of this surrounded by a bright pink flower field. Not pretty, but so cute you can't resist it! Read more about this picture in my Antiques Galore Gal shop

Here are a couple of magnets that I purchased at an estate sale. Handmad with yo yo's and a styrofoam face.

Look for this in my my Antiques Galore Gal shop

In my Antiques Galore Gal shop

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