Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've been fascinated with buttons since I played with my grandmothers button tin as a child. Today, vintage buttons are just as popular as ever. They are used to make jewelry, picture frames, and dolls. I like to place my buttons in vintage jars, a little raffia and prim tag. Here are some of my recent estate sale finds.

One bonus in collecting buttons are the wonderful containers they are stored in. Most are found in vintage tins.

A close up of buttons in these tins show how dirty they were. I spent several hours just cleaning them, but it was well worth the effort as you can see.

And ready to display!!

A close up of a few of the jewels I found. Although most buttons are very reasonably prices, every now and then you will find one that is worth more like this gay 90's one.

And these ...


  1. I love seeing all of your buttons!! And I really love how you display them too!!

  2. I love how you display the buttons!

    How do you clean the buttons? I have one jar that I bought that I haven't done anything with becasue the buttons are a bit grungy.


  3. Holly, I just use a mild kitchen detergent in a bowl with the buttons, run warm water over them until the water looks clean. I think I had to use a soft brush on some that were not flat. Rinse well.


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