Friday, November 6, 2009


Before we turn out thoughts and efforts to the upcoming Christmas Season, I wanted to show you my store decorated for fall. It's been so busy, we just had our annual Apple Butter Festival where the town is shut off and 10's of thousands are shuttled in for the 2 day event. We have 2 upcoming Christmas events so the next few weeks will be busy as well.

Kimmswick is now designated as a historical town. I was fortunate to have one placed in front of my store.


  1. Your decorations look awesome Connie!!!! Can we see the inside of your store too? :)

    Hope you'll also share pics when you decorate for the Christmas Holiday events!!!

    Neat that the sign is in front of your store!!!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing your store pictures Connie! It looks great! But I agree with Neenee!! We want to see the inside too and Christmas photos when you decorate for the Holiday season!!


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