Sunday, April 26, 2009


Our 5 day Earth Day Salebration ended yesterday! I was pleased and a little surprised at all the sales I had. We promoted several days prior to and during the event. It made me focus on what Earth Day is all about. I've always loved vintage! Cracks and chips mean nothing to me! I proudly display all my treaures, imperfections and all. I prefer items that have lost their shine and are beautifully timeworn. It fits right in to the Green movement that is going on now. REUSE, RECYCLE, REINVENT, RECLAIM, RESTORE, REPURPOSE, buy vintage!! And be proud to do it! Here is some fabric just waiting to be made into something special! Although it is vintage, the colors orange and purple are very popular now.

You can view this fabric in detail in my ETSY shop SORRY SOLD!

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  1. I love vintage fabric! Will stop by your shop and check it out.


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